Various Artists
Prise Yourself Loose And Listen

CDR Album

The CDR that started it all.



Black Flower The Rain On Her Window
Tears Of Abraham Angel Vox
Synthetic Tori
See My Sound The Great Escape
Black Flower The Sadness It Brings
See My Sound Safe
Black Flower Kissing In The Midday Sun
Synthetic Tori (dub)
Tears Of Abraham Beautiful 



"[A] label with a strong, more than competent roster deserving of your attention. . .all are worth prising yourself loose to have a listen." Suzie Q Logo Magazine

"If you're tired of the mediocrity major labels are throwing at you these days, why not check out a label trying something new, a bit closer to

"The greatest thing about this experimental sampler is that it encourages the listener to experiment. I've enjoyed having experienced it. Distraction are brave enough to throw something out there that isn't a take on the mainstream, they are genuinely doing their own thing. And it's as unique a 'thing' as I've come across recently." Blinded Fanzine

"They’ve certainly got a wide range of talent on display here. To write it all off as lo-fi would be insulting to everyone, but there are themes that link all the songs. They seem to have a habit of not hitting you straight away, only to get you more interested as it goes on.Joe Weiler Do Something Pretty fanzine

"A reaction to the streamlined, broadband, Microsoft files and folders structure of the majority's self improving, self assessment working lives that either leads to or demands distraction. It is the sound of a thousand vacant stares from the rain-splattered windows of open plan offices, anxiously waiting to greet the hope of the end of the working day, away from an LCD monitor." Craig Rowson The North Guide

"Its rare for an album to hook you into its world on first listen, and rarer still for a label sampler to do the same, but Distraction Records' first long-player, Prise Yourself Loose And Listen, is such a thing.Robert Meddes The Crack magazine