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deathrowradio is Chris Tate and Paul Christian Patterson. The pair have worked together as d_rradio for the past ten years, wooing hearts and minds with emotive adventures in sonic strangeness and melodic melancholy. The band's largely instrumental output has varied greatly in style, from stuttering folktronics to orchestral drone, via euphoric electro synth dub, all the while maintaining their uniquely distinctive feel.

Bringing together elements of different styles and adding their own key ingredient is the deathrowradio approach, as their new album Yummy shows. Having now dropped the underscore from their name, the duo are also leaving behind the laptops and synthesizers to dive headlong into a more confrontational live concoction of trippy guitar riffs and pounding punk drums; raucous and wild, yet underpinned by hypnotic repetition. Chugging and pounding along through just under 40 minutes, Yummy takes its cues as much from 60's garage rock as it does 70's glam, 80's skate punk and 90's techno.

The result is yet another unique way for deathrowradio to present their immersive and emotive sound. Less polished, more raucous and not a laptop in sight, Yummy marks the band's 10 year birthday with a bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.

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