Sweetness, Yes Please!
DIST14R - CD Album (200 only) / digital download

Grin-including Newcastle-upon-Tyne C86synthpop trio Moira Stewart released their debut album Sweetness Yes! in 2008 and subsequently gathered praise from the likes of Huw StephensSteve Lamacq, and Rob Da Bank.  November 15th sees the CD and digital download release of Sweetness, Yes Please!, featuring 15 remixed versions of tracks from that very album, with the CD featuring an extra 'intermission' track and limited to 200 copies in full colour cardboard sleeve and plastic cover, all in preparation for their second full-length album in early 2011.

Running the gamut from swirling synth electronica (Keith CanisiusTransient), bass-kicking chiptune (Wroooaar!), bliss-out glitched-up ambiance (TempelhofOk IkumiPhasmidOrange CrushDot Tape Dot), joyous spaced-out house (Mood4CathodeSpintronic), modern dub (Dave Curle), discoloured IDM (The Matinee OrchestraDressed In Wires) and feedback-riddled noisepop (d_rradio), it's the perfect soundtrack to custard pie fights, crowd surfing and games of Twister - all of which have been (in)famously used in their glitter and balloon-fuelled live performances.  All in all, instantly likable euphoric stuff that draws fresh strands from an already accomplished album.