Sometimes A Sense Of Realism Creeps In / untitled
7" split single

Lachrymose One is an art rock band from Newcastle, England consisting of solo artist Richard Mark Warren and a group of invaluable musicians. This is Lac1's first single release, and takes in pop melodies, attention-demanding dual vocals plus the requisite amount of off kilter changes and guitar noise. Drawing comparisons to Dinosaur Jr., Lou Barlow, and a no-wave Durutti Column, this avant-garde noisenik pomp-rock stomp-box troubadour has spent his time playing alongside Peel favourites Aereogramme, Degrassi and Bearsuit.

Sansava were Tyneside's masters of beautifully blissed-out instrumentals, coming on like Sigur Ros sharing a bubble bath with Spacemen 3; akin to Mogwai's gear tenderly re-tuning itself long after the band have retired for the evening. Simple, uplifting, beautiful harmonies interspersed with blissed out ambient drone, built from gentle gushes, subtle chord progressions and extremely minimalist percussion. The band has split since this track was recorded, but another two other projects have risen from the Sansava ashes: Summer Night Air and Moira Stewart.