March of Incurable Workaholic / Song About A Girl Who Killed Herself Yesterday
DIST8 - 8" clear square lathe cut vinyl in grey jackey sleeve (150 only)

A very special release from awesome atmospheric Japanese post-rockers, The Retail Sectors. The genius of Kyoto’s Kentaro Togawa, this release features two tracks of beautifully simple melodic guitars that, when the drums kick in, take off like a plane on a flight into a vast sky of loneliness. The Retail Sectors' music moves through layers of sound that evolve and build upon each other only to be broken down to their foundations ready to evolve again. Already making ripples in his native Japan, these two songs are taken from Kentaro’s masterpiece of life’s ironies and death 'The Starlight Silent Night', on exquisite Japanese microlabel Symbolic Interaction.

Artwork by Narbi.