Out of Love / You Hold My Breath
DIST11 - 7" single

Completing their Distraction Records series of three, this vinyl 7" illustrates John Peel favourites d_rradio's speckled vision and their uniqueness. Following on from the ecstatic, fractured anthems of the first single and the second with its blues infused electro-funk, here we have late-night d_rradio, washed up and wasted, drizzly and drunken. The two songs presented here sprawl themselves about with languid lethargy, whilst being carried along on a menacing undercurrent. The result is strange and melancholic; part angelic chimes, choirs and strings, part heavy and dangerous electro-dub.

The gentle guitar motive of 'Out Of Love' twists and wraps itself around the listener with woozily seductive intent, egged on by full and crisp electronics. Flip over and the slippery synthwork of 'You Hold My Breath' is drippy and luring, making the odd time signature feel deceptively natural, until it all co-alligns and conspires with slashing beats, coming out blades flying.

This release completes a series of three limited edition seven-inch records, 500 pressings of each, with ian&i full colour sleeves.