Sweetness, Yes!
DIST14 - CD Album

Newcastle labels Cabin Boy Cooperative and Distraction Records release Moira Stewart's debut album on Monday 14th April 2008. Moira Stewart formed late last year after inventing hair, the black colour used on bin bags, the feeling of resentment and the opposite of stamps. In a short space of time, their interactive live shows have became the stuff of legend, packing in audiences to witness live Twister, silly string, custard pies, glitter by the skipload, Batman costumes, more balloons than a Thanksgiving parade and the most innovative crowdsurfing that you'll ever witness. It's like if David Bowie starred in Bugsy Malone, re-written by Roger Hargraves.

But let's not forget the music: upbeat, fun, shambolic electro/guitar pop is the order of the day; think Hot Chip if they listened to The Orchids and The Field Mice instead of New Order, warm synths awash with indie guitar riffs and samples that Cassetteboy would be proud of. If 'Rave Binchy' was a musical genre, Moira Stewart would be pioneers. The songs have had NME staff writers wanting to join the band, A&R reps declaring their live shows as "the most fun I've had in years", Radio 1's Huw Stephens enthusiastically giving them repeated plays, and asperational E4 yoof drama Skins will feature the band heavily in the new series airing in the Spring. Quirky, jerky, bonkers and brilliant, Moira Stewart's star is ascending, and it's shiny.