DIST17 - LP / CD / MC / digital download

They've done it again.  Just when the plaudits were coming in for the self-titled debut album, d_rradio leaped forward and stunned listeners with their sterling 2CD opus 'Leaves' on Symbolic Interaction.  And now comes parts, d_rradio's biggest release yet!  They embrace more earthly and serene elements on this one, bleak and stark atmospheric drones from a primeval forest of crackle and hum; golden hues of evening; passages of ambient sparseness sprinkled with deft hints of the orchestral. . . and all the while the hiss of a hundred tired, well-loved 78s remains a constant thread, a tangible hook stirring nostalgia while simultaneously breaking new ground.  This is not IDM.  This music both thinks, feels and oozes with humanity.

With artwork by Jacqueline Moon, this release is out on CD, vinyl (250 copies only) and cassette (50 copies only).  Vinyl comes with "vintage inner sleeves" and digital download dropcard!