Lachrymose One"Lachrymose One isn't a concept band or anything dull like that. It's an outlet for the songwriting desires of Richard Mark Warren. It's brought to life by the inimitable skills of three others - Alan Mac and Chris McGreevy (of Kubichek!) and super quiet hero John Egdell. I'm told that there's comparisons in some bands that make loads of racket - like Sonic Youth and Dinosaur, and some that don't - like Keplar and Flaming Lips.

There's a leaning towards the slower side of things, and shifts in volume between super quiet and (far too) loud. (note: there really isn't such a thing as 'too loud'). There's plenty of space for pop hooks and melodies to counteract the self indulgent shoe gazing, and its mainly done with the rye smile of folks enjoying themselves. Music is a form of entertainment after all, and I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. It'll make you smile."

Lachrymose One is on a break. It may be permanent.

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Sometimes A Sense Of Realism Creeps In (DIST5)