Moira StewartMoira Stewart formed late last year after inventing hair, the black colour used on bin bags, the feeling of resentment and the opposite of stamps. Very simplistic, upbeat, fun, shambolic electro/guitar pop is the order of the day here; think New Order with Hooky spending his life listening to Sarah Records instead of thumping his four-string.

Moira Stewart's live show, featuring live Twister, silly string, custard pies, glitter by the skipload, Batman costumes, and more balloons than a Thanksgiving parade, is the zenith of DIY punk: true energy-fuelled and passion-ridden shambolic-yet-accessible music that sledgehammers the boundaries twixt musician and audience; hell, if you've seen them live, chances are that you've probably helped one of them crowd-surf. In a venue with a ceiling nine-feet high, set in a bizarre Roger Hargraves-penned fantasy land.

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Sweetness, Yes! (CD Album)
Sweetness, Yes Please! (CD Album)