Warm Digits

Steve Jefferis and Andrew Hodson are Warm Digits, and should need no introduction within the electronic music scene. Andrew is the figurehead of clockwork-folk-techno purveyors The Matinee Orchestra, while Steve is master-of-chambertronics Cathode, entrancing venues far and wide with drenches of static and hum and minimalistic beeps and clicks.

These days though, Warm Digits is their current main project, mixing up ear-troubling krautrock rhythm 'n' noise, free improv drumming, no-wave guitar and radiophonic electronics with a disseminating Sturm und Drang with little more than a laptop, bass and drums and an awesome light-show to back them up.

For fans of: Neu!, My Bloody Valentine, Boredoms, Emeralds, Brian Eno, Bob Moog, Liquid Liquid, Goblin, Ellen Allien, Loop, Kraftwerk, and Delia Derbyshire.

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Keep Warm... with the Warm Digits (DIST22)
BBC Radio 3 Late Junction Session (with Field Music, DIST26)
Interchange (DIST28)

Press Photos (click on each image for a high-definition pic, or click here for a zip file containing all images):

Warm Digits Photo 4

Warm Digits Photo 1

Warm Digits Photo 5 Warm Digits Photo 3 Warm Digits Photo 2

All photos by Alex Hodby.