Will you put me/my band on a Distraction event?  Will you release my music?

Sure. . . if you have something different to offer. We’re partically biased towards artists that do something to advance their craft, so if you're just another band or laptop artist clutching a bunch of wallpaper tunes, we won't have anything to do with you. However, we do listen to all demos sent, and we're not against any particular forms of music, and we're not some kind of anal "boys-only" club.

Its worth familiarising yourself with the bands that we promote and release - we link to sound clips and web sites, so take the time downloading some of the music that we promote and release and ask yourself whether your music is as good or better than theirs before your send us anything.

Don't let any of this put you off though - we are constantly looking for stuff that we might release - Necro Deathmort, Tempelhof, The Retail Sectors, Dressed in Wires, and Lachrymose One are all the result of demos that were sent to us. Unlike many labels, we NEVER stop accepting demos. If your stuff is any good, we will do all we can to spread the word; we've done this before to others, and will continue to do so.

Will you guys get me gigs for my band? Will you put me/my band on a Distraction event?

If we don't have the time to put on a band that's sent us a really good demo, we might pass it onto a bunch of promoters locally who might be able to do something for you. We have lots of contacts but we will not bother ourselves if we do not like your music.

I'm from overseas. I have a record out in stores here that's done pretty well, and I'd like you to license it for the UK. . .

Send us the CD, or links to mp3s on the CD. If its good enough, we'll release it.

I have a record, all ready for release, all I need is a label to put it out on.

Send us the CD, or links to mp3s on the CD. If its good enough, we'll release it.

What do I need to know when I send you a demo?

Send your demos to our address at the bottom of this bit, or send us any URLs with your stuff on to our e-mail address. We prefer CDs or CDRs.

Do NOT send us complete albums worth of material, unless we ask for it. Three to four tracks will do please. If you send an album, you will run the risk of it being switched off and hurled across the room after listening to the first track.

Do NOT ask us whether it would be okay for you to send a demo to us. If you've read all this and still think that we would be suitable to send a demo to, then do so.

Artwork/vast pages of biogs and stuff like that is unimportant. It’s the music we listen to. However, make sure that it has a valid e-mail or phone number on the CDR itself.

We're afraid that - due to the amount of demos we receive - we don't have time to give our opinions of your music; assume that if we get back in touch, we like it, and if we don't, we don't. Please don't mail us asking if we've heard your demo; we simply do not have the time to respond to everybody who sends us a demo. You can assume we're not interested if we don't get back to you within 28 days.
We regret that we cannot send back any demos. Time and expense, you see.

Our address for any demo submissions etc, is:
Distraction Records,
16, Vale Walk,
Jesmond Vale,
United Kingdom

Our e-mail address is info at distractionrecords.com.

Do you accept myspace/facebook/web links as demo submissions?

Because this is the 21st century (and we have broadband), we are able to accept links to mp3s and yousendit/sendspace etc as valid demo submissions. Make sure any links to mp3s are easy to find, they work (this is important, but some bands never check this) and that you don't have to sign up to the web site in order to listen to them; we do not want to get spammed from some web site because we’ve signed up to them to listen to your demo. therefore we don't.  This also goes for "Liking" your band on Facebook before we listen to your band as well - we won't do it, so don't bother.

We cannot emphasise how important it is for you to make our lives easy for us when it comes to things like links to mp3s. Sending mails like "Hi. Have a listen to my band on Radio One unsigned list and let me know what you think", won't do. We don't have the time to Google search for bands' demos. If you're lazy about your demo submissions, what does it say about your music?

To make it easier for yourself, we have a Soundcloud dropbox here so that you can send us your stuff:

Send us your sounds

Our twitter page is http://www.twitter.com/distractionrecs. Please send twitter links to our e-mail address, not via twitter DM.

Our facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/distractionrecords. Again, please send facebook profile links to our e-mail address, not via facebook message.

We no longer use our myspace page; please don't send any links to it.  Please don't send demos to our last.fm or tumblr pages, or anything to personal profiles on linkedin either; they will be ignored.

Quick tip about mp3/social media link submissions though - if you send us demos to our PO Box address instead, it looks as though you've made much more of an effort. And we always listen to the demos before the social media ones anyway. The priority list goes 1). Demos sent via mail 2). Demos sent via e-mail 3). Demos sent everywhere else.

All demos sent via AirPlay Direct will be deleted without listening to them.  Bloody spam merchants.

Do you accept mp3s as demo submissions?

We accept mp3s via e-mail, aye. Send no more than three tracks totaling 20Mb.

I want to book a Distraction artist for an upcoming gig.

All interesting gigs offered will be considered by Distraction artists.  Just send us an e-mail with details.  info at distractionrecords.com.

I want to interview the people behind Distraction.

Send us an e-mail at info at distractionrecords.com. We’re a bit shy though. Can’t you interview our artists instead?

I want to interview/get in touch with a Distraction artist.

Our artists pages have links to the relevant artists; often they have web sites with e-mail addresses where you can reach them.  However, we've more than happy letting our artists know.  Again, just send us an e-mail at info at distractionrecords.com.

I'm doing a dissertation on music and want your opinion on something.

We get a lot of these requests. It’s worth e-mailing us if you have any questions to ask, but bear in mind we may not have time to answer questions in great detail. We don’t like being part of corporate focus grouping so we don’t bother replying to requests like that.

Can we be on your mailing list for vinyl/CD releases?

Depends how much clout you have, to be honest. All of our releases are funded by ourselves - no Government funding or Daddy's wallet loitering here - and due to production costs, we can't send them to everyone. Hey, we want the money to release our next record, and it’s only those that can really spread the word about us that can help us. It’s worth asking though.  mp3 links are fine though.

Are you accepting CVs?

We're not the biggest label/promotion in the world, obviously.  That means, no, we're not looking to employ anyone in the near future, until things really start to take off.  Which'll probably be never, frankly.

Are you Spiritualised's record label?

No. You're thinking of Dedicated.

Where do you get your vinyl pressed?

gzmedia in the Czech Republic, usually, as do a lot of people.