Born / Come To Light
DIST9 - 7" single

The release of their Static Caravan mini-album U_nderscore saw rapturous praise for Death Row Radio coming from all sides, as well as a place in the John Peel Record Box and an unfortunately never-recorded Peel Session. Its slow-motion melancholy and life-affirming other-worldliness struck a chord amongst the hearts of dreamers the world over. And the reviews all agreed: U_nderscore was a rather beautiful record. What then for d_rradio? A nine month honing of their live show led to a debut at Version Festival alongside names such as Autechre, Khonnor and Tunng, and a further six months writing and recording produced a new, even more vibrant collection of their self-described, self-prescribed medicinal music.

This outing marks d_rradio's return to official releases with an uplifting bang. Broken backbeats, wasted piano and heart-wrenching strings ease us into Born until a delightfully naive voice begins to talk us through the creation of everything - spoken word has never sounded so therapeutic. Flip over and Come To Light takes a more up-tempo and even more uplifting approach. Whirrs and clicks merge with emotive string arrangements, while shuffling electronics and cut-up guitars carry themselves jubilantly over fractured house rhythms, leaving even the most cynical of such celebratory hymns smiling from ear to ear.

Another thing that's clear is d_rradio seem reluctant to re-tread old ground, and if this single is a precursor to the bands next full-length album, it will have been well worth the wait. True to their word, broadcasting from oblivion, d_rradio bring us the first installment of their most ecstatic transmission yet.